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Slide Surfskate DIAMOND KAENA 32"

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Diamond Belharra - Inspired by the 1970's single fins, this Slide Surfskate board is the perfect weapon to get on the road

Inspired by the single fins of the 70s, this shape - Slide Surfskat Diamont Kaena 32" is the perfect weapon to advance on the street and prepare your style for epic conditions. The shape is stable and therefore makes it perfect for beginners or old -School surfer. At 32 "it is the same size as the boards in the Fish series. However, the kicktail was pulled through.

The Diamond Kaena has a very versatile shape, recommended for both advanced and beginners who want to train their balance. The 70mm wheels roll over every obstacle and with the new version of the axes the Diamont comes very close to surfing. Thanks to its good grip, the Diamond accelerates from a standing start, but remains as agile as a surf skateboard has to be. As with all Slide surf skateboards, the risk of a wheelbite is minimized.

The Slide Kaena is the latest model in the series and its color is reminiscent of the discontinued Tuna Fish. While the Diamond Koa has standard griptape, the Diamond Waimea and the Diamond Kaena with the Cleargrip add visual highlights. The Cleargrip is durable, but can (at some point in the distant future) be exchanged for normal griptape. All three models have the same wheelbase.


Front axle: SLIDE 165 mm 2019
Rear axle: 165mm Aluminium poliert
Wheels: Slide schwarz. 70mm x 55mm / 83A
Stock: ABEC 7

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Carving, Surfskate
Concave, Kicktail
7 Lagen kanadisches Ahorn
81,28 cm / 32"
25,4 cm / 10"
Truck mounting
Surfskate System
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