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Landyachtz DINGHY 28.5" BLUNT SYNTH

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This versatile Landyachtz skateboard is like a Dinghy with a little extra meat on its bones. It will give you the confidence needed to land those tricks you always wanted but still small enough to give you those mini-board vibes. A fantastic all-around cruiser.

The Dinghy Blunt is a small cruiser board that comes in at 28.5" long and 8.6” wide. The extra width up front and mild taper means you get more leverage over the front truck than the rear one, which gives it a somewhat directional steering characteristic.

The Landyachtz Blunt jumps up in size from our other Dinghy models, and so do the trucks.

We set the Dinghy Blunt up with Polar Bear 130s to match the added width perfectly. This setup works best with smaller wheels, so we set it up with 60mm 76a Chubby Hawgs to keep you low to the ground and give you great acceleration.

You will have lots of space left over on the trucks for grinds and a nice gradual turn. With virtually the same wheelbase as the Dinghy Classic & about 20 percent more surface area on the top, you will have the same mini board vibes that you get from the Dinghy, but with added stability and control.

Trucks: Bear Polar 130mm
60mm 76a Chubby Hawgs

Bearings: Speedballs Abec 7
Spacer, screws and nuts
Grip Tape

Additional product information

more Mission
City, Cruising, Park, Pool, Street
Low Concave, Kicktail, Nose, Sanded Wheel Wells
100% canadian maple
72,4cm / 28,5"
21,84cm / 8.6"
36,83cm / 14,5"
Truck mounting
medium / hard