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The Hologram complete available in black and blue is a great choice for all serious skateboarders. Available in a wider size than all our previous completes this board will suit the needs of any modern skateboarder. The holographic deck has a fantastic graphic designed to reflect when hit by light at the perfect angle. This complete comes in 8” and features our exclusive Decade trucks and high quality components ideal for riders of beginner or intermediate level looking for that genuine skateboarding experience.

Dimensions: 8” x 32”
Deck construction and info: 7 Ply 100% grade A Canadian Maple
Trucks (material and size) 139mm Enuff Decade Trucks, Polished Hanger, Matt Black Base plate
Bushings White PU Cast SHR 95A
Wheels 53mm x 30mm PU Cast SHR 99A
Bearings ABEC-7 Chrome
Test Standards EN13613:2009
M.R.W 100kg

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