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The Madd Gear Kick Extreme Stunt Scooter has been refined for 2020, producing a dialed complete that strikes the crucial balance between performance and durability. Designed for riders 8 years and up, the 4.5” Wide x 19.5” Long deck is the ideal size for riders looking to take their riding to the next level.
Each component of the Madd Gear Kick Extreme Stunt Scooter has been hand selected to produce a complete scooter that can stand up to the demands of today’s up and coming pro riders in a package that is easy to trick and promotes fast progression!

Weighing just 3.22kg, the MG Kick Extreme is the scooter for you.

2020 Upgrades: The Madd Gear Kick Extreme Scooter is upgraded from top to bottom with
150 mm TPR Swirl Flangeless Grind Grips,
Integrated Rounded Box Deck
Internal Fluting,
Threadless 6061 Aluminum IHC Fork,
V2 Extreme Aluminum Double Clamp,
Swoop One-Piece Chromoly Bar and
110 mm 5-Spoke Alloy Core Wheels.

The Kick Extreme is an amazing value for the money which makes it one of the best price per spec stunt scooters on the market today.

Dimensions: 52 cm Width 82 cm Height 68 cm Length

MPG Features:
Deck: MG Kick Series 4.5" x 19.5"
Headset: Threadless 6061 Aluminum IHC Fork
Fork: Threadless 6061 Aluminum IHC Fork
Clamp: V2 Extreme Aluminum Double Clamp
Bar: MGP Swoop One-Piece 23" x 20"
Grips: 150 mm TPR swirls grips
Brake: V2 MG Composite Blitz
Bearings: ABEC 7 High-Speed Chrome Bearings
Wheels 110 mm 5-Spoke Aluminium Core Wheels
Griptape: MG Kick Extreme Full Deck
Weight/Age Range: 36-100 kg, 8+ years


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