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REKD Protection’s Ramp Knee Pads are ideal for a huge range of action sports and suitable for all abilities. The high density impact hard shell cap gives excellent protection while the elastic dual straps give a strong and supportive hold. Their counter sunk ring rivets make these pads ramp-friendly and the extra 3mm padding behind the impact cap make these Ramp Knee Pads step way ahead of the competition. A micro injected strap logo provides both a durable strap end to prolong the strap life and an enhanced premium feel that REKD Protection has become very well known for.

Construction and Materials
-High-density PP impact caps
-Heavy-duty 600D Polyester
-Dual elasticated straps
-Micro-injected top strap logo pull tabs
-Additional 3mm padding behind the impact caps
-Neoprene backing for an ergonomic fit

-Heavy-duty ramp style knee pads
-Ramp friendly countersunk rivets
-Ergonomic knee recesses for added comfort
-Debossed ramp cap logos Super comfortable fit

Sizes and Guide
Black: XS, S, M, L, XL
Black/Blue, Black/Red: S, M, L

Measured 2-3cm above the knee
XS: To fit users 27-32cm around the knee
S: To fit users 30-36cm around the knee
M: To fit users 34-41cm around the knee
L: To fit users 38-45cm around the knee
XL: To fit users 43-45cm around the knee

Safety Standards
Certified to EN14120:2003+A1:2007 safety standards

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