FORRO Magier Longboard Bastel Boards


FORRO Magier Longboard Bastel Boards

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The Bastel Boards Magier Collection was designed by the local artist Carlo Vivary who lives just around the corner from our Shredderei. He is famous for his gig posters he made for bands like Kadaver, Calexico or Queens of the Stone Age. We are stoked to get him on board again and that he is bringing some magic into our line up.

The  Bastel Boards Forró is here to shred the universe!
With its firm flex and big kicks, for snappy pop, you’ll be able to ollie and flip the Forró like it’s nothing. Once your game of skate is done put on your free-ride wheels and take a run down your free-ride spot. The  Bastel Boards Forró has a radial concave in combination with a wedged rocker and deep wheel flares, these help in finding the right foot position without having to look down, so your feet will be locked into whatever crazy slides you do!

The  Bastel Boards Forró is for the progressive, every day shredder who wants to explore their freestyle and speed limits.

Weitere Produktinformationen

Länge 103 cm
Breite 23 cm
Wheelsbase 59 - 61cm
Achsmontage Topmount
  • Concave
  • Kicktail
  • Rocker
  • Wheel Wells Flared

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