BOLERO Magier Longboard Bastel Boards


BOLERO Magier Longboard Bastel Boards

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The MastelBoards Magier Collection was designed by the local artist Carlo Vivary who lives just around the corner from our Shredderei. He is famous for his gig posters he made for bands like Kadaver, Calexico or Queens of the Stone Age. We are stoked to get him on board again and that he is bringing some magic into our line up.

When the guitar starts playing you know it’s time to dance the Bolero!
Take it for a swing and see how well your dancing skills progress. With its smooth flex and moustached rocker you will have confidence in making your steps.
The BastelBoards Magier Bolero's snappy pop and big kicks even allows you to do ollies and other skate tricks. Thanks to the wheelflares, you can run loose trucks without having to worry about wheelbite while getting your groove on and surfing the sidewalks.There are two different flexes to choose from:

flex 2 for riders up to 65 kg
flex 1 for riders over 65 kg

Weitere Produktinformationen

Länge 109 cm
Breite 23 cm
Wheelsbase 68-72 cm
Achsmontage Topmount
  • Kicktail
  • Rocker
  • Wheel Wells Flared

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