Alternative Longboards Sidewall Series Egret DECK ONLY Medium

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Alternative Longboards Sidewall Series Egret 2019 Deck

Deck only. Ohne Griptape.

Medium Flex (für Fahrer über 65 kg)

Das Egret bietet Stabilität, Wendigkeit und jede Menge Spaß. Dank des symetrischen Shapes und dem komfortablen Konkav kann man sowohl regular als auch switch viel Freude an diesem Dancer finden.

Sidewall Protection Yes
Length 110 cm / 43.30"
Width 23 cm / 9.05"
Wheelbase 70 -74 cm / 27.55 - 29.13"
Concave 8.47 mm / 0.33"
Rocker 4 mm / 0.15"
Kicktail 23.8 mm / 0.93"
Flex Medium
Purpose Dancing, Freestyle

Whether you´re riding regular or testing your balance in switch, the Egret offers stability, maneuverability, and a fun ride thanks to its versatile symmetrical shape and a comfortable concave.

Empfohlenes Setup
Caliber Trucks 10"
Hawgs 63mm
Abec 7 Kugellager
Spacer, Schrauben und Muttern
Grip Tape

The Egret is handmade in Poland with a well thought out construction consisting of a light and energetic wood core surrounded by hardwood laminates, fiberglass and a layer of carbon fiber to provide excellent damping abilities and dimensional stability.
Its proven sandwich construction enables the creation of our unmistakable fat bottom design that extends towards the tip and tail and slightly narrows at the front and back side edges. As a result, the Egret offers a stable platform with a bigger wheel well design that lets you pair it with your favorite trucks and wheels without needing to worry about wheelbite. For improved durability and longevity, the Egret is strategically reinforced with impact protective ABS sidewalls surrounding the nose, tail and wheel wells with an a dded bottom layer of ABS on the tips. Completed with a top-mount truck mounting system, this board offers a more direct turning response and improved board control when riding.

The Egret presents a symmetrical shape with a total length of 110 cm (43.3 inches), a width of 23 cm (9.05 inches) and variable wheelbase options ranging from 70 cm to 74 cm (27.55 inches - 29.13 inches). Its spacious platform is paired with a mellow concave for comfortable foot placement and a slight rocker for seamless edge-to-edge transitions.
To elevate your skating skills to the next level, the Egret offers a more aggressive kicktail design compared to its predecessor with an added layer of ABS impact protection to keep you skating longer.
This longboard deck is available in two flex options. For the best experience on your new longboard, choose between Soft Flex (recommended rider weight up to 65 kg) and Medium Flex (recommended rider weight 65 kg or more).

Set in nature?s wilderness in a post-apocalyptic time, a family made a small junkyard their home. Despite the odds, each family member strives for the future in their individual way. They will not surrender to their daily struggles, yet they will do what it takes to carry on. From the purest pleasures of poking stuff with a stick to knowing what you want and pursuing it as a young adult.
The Egret represents the evolution of your longboard dancing skills.
From the beginning stoke of cruising to the skills you master with practice and patience. Let the Egret guide you.


Symmetrical shape with top-mount truck mounting Comfortable platform for various shoe sizes New lightweight core construction Robust sandwich construction featuring a light wood core surrounded by hardwood laminates Big wheel wells for higher wheel clearance ABS impact protection sidewalls on the board?s ends with an additional layer on the nose and tail High kicktail design for better pop
A mellow concave for good board feel
Soft or Medium flex pattern for improved energy return during carving
Best used for Longboard Dancing and Freestyle
Designed for all skill levels
Handmade in Poland, Europe
Graphic art by Tomasz Lesniak

Beginners, intermediates or pros - the Egret longboard deck will cater to your dancing and freestyle needs with its improved shape, slim waist and a delicate concave paired with a slight rocker.






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  • Dancing
Länge 110 cm / 43.30"
Breite 23 cm / 9.05"
Wheelsbase 70 -74 cm / 27.55 - 29.13"
Achsmontage Topmount
Flex medium
Konstruktion light and energetic wood core surrounded by hardwood laminates, fiberglass and a layer of carbon fiber
  • Concave
  • Kicktail
  • Rocker
  • Symmetrical

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