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Are you looking for unique socks? There are no more original models than Spox Sox socks - fruit socks! You feel the tropical heat and the scent of adventure every time you put on your clothes. Choose parrot socks and show others that you are already vacationing in a heavenly place!

Designer socks with fruits

If you take a closer look, you immediately notice that every sock is different! An absolute trend that attracts young and old. That is why we sometimes refer to them as fruit socks and sometimes as toucan socks. Both are designed in a truly tropical climate that evokes positive associations all year round. Our parrot socks are unisex so they are suitable for everyone.

Toucan socks - rely on holiday energy!



80% hochwertige gekämmte Baumwolle | 15% hochfestes Polyamid | 5% Elasthan, das sich dem Fuß anpasst

Flache Zehennaht für maximalen Komfort | Nicht komprimierender Rahmen, der die Socke fest am Bein hält

Werft euren Spox Sox Socken in die Waschmaschine. Sie schrumpfen, verlängern oder verändern ihre Form nicht, wenn Ihr sie richtig waschen. Wie? Drehen Sie sie um und waschen Sie sie bis maximal 40°. Weitere Details finden Sie auf dem Etikett


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